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Democrats push for votes in Taylor's hometown

November 6, 2006

Albany - Republicans may be confident in Tuesday's elections with Governor Perdue leading in the polls, but democrats want to take the golden dome back. Democratic statewide candidates arrived in Albany around lunchtime, with a big appetite for victory. WALB NEWS 10's Karen Cohilas has the story.

"Rain, shine, sleet or snow, tomorrow to the polls, we must go." No need to worry about sleet or snow at the polls tomorrow in South Georgia, but democrats are hoping that votes in their party's favor will reign.  Lt. Governor Mark Taylor says, "We are proud as Georgia democrats to stand united as candidates for public service."

Service Taylor thinks Perdue has forgotten about. He says the Governor has only been serving himself.  "In this hand, you see a $100,000 tax break for he and his family, but no tax break for you, the hardworking people of Georgia."

The people. That's who the statewide democratic candidates say they are working for. Tommy Irvin says, "We've got the best ticket. We have a ticket that reflects the people of Georgia, a strong commitment to the people of our state, interested in doing things that help people." Gail Buckner adds, "Democrats are united because we've had an opportunity to see what has happened in this state over the last four years and it's not good."

But it's not looking good at the polls for the top ticket holder, Taylor, to take over office, and he knows it.  He says, "We have been behind in the polls, we have been out raised. People are assuming that the incumbent will be elected tomorrow, but tomorrow all over America, democrats are going to be swept into office and we are going to win the office of Governor tomorrow." And they're hoping your votes will help put the big guy and the rest of the democratic ticket in office.

Jim Martin, candidate for Lt. Governor says, "We're all trying to make sure everybody knows to get out and vote because this election really depends on people getting out to vote. It is that close in all the races."

A race to find out just who will hold the gold, back in the dome. Mark Taylor will vote at Beattie Road Church of Christ Tuesday morning, then return to Atlanta for the vote count.



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