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Stay clear of wild animals in Thomas County

November 6, 2006

Thomasville-  A warning for people in Thomas County and Thomasville, stay away from Foxes and Raccoons roaming around during the day. 

Animal control picked up several foxes and raccoons in the last several weeks believed to have neurological disorders,  possibly including rabies.  The animals appear to be unafraid of humans, that's uncharacteristic. 

"Although we don't know exactly what's going on, my bet would be an animal that acts abnormal in that regard has got some sort of neurological problem it may in fact be rabies and we need to stay clear of them," said Bob Pontello, Thomas County Health Department Environmental Health Specialist. 

The Thomas County Health department is encouraging pet owners to watch their pets closely and make sure their rabies vaccinations are up to date.  They also caution the public to avoid these animals and contact Animal control if they spot a suspicious animal.



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