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Albany is third most dangerous city statewide

November 5, 2006

Albany -- Albany is ranked in third in the state for the most dangerous city according to a new survey by the Morgan Quitno Press. That ranking is out of six other cities that reported crime statistics to the FBI.

Locals say the community needs to work with police to fight crime.

It's an enjoyable day for the Ritter family out at Lake Loretta, and the furthest thing from their minds is that the city where they live is ranked the third most dangerous in the state.

"Any place in Albany I feel comfortable with my children. It's like any other place, you've got to watch your surroundings," said Robert Ritter.

Nationwide Albany is ranked the 108th most dangerous city of 371. It concerns military veteran and former firefighter Robert Ritter.

"Well if you hear a stat like that it will grab your attention. That will grab anyone's attention," said Ritter.

Ritter says other Albanians need to pay attention too. He says people should watch out for violence or gang activity in their neighborhoods. And anything usual should be reported to the Albany Police Department.

"I support them 100%. Now what the public needs to do, anybody can figure this out, the public is going to need to go to them," said Ritter.

Go to police and report an unknown person lurking around, or even groups of young people hanging out. He says they may or may not be out the commit a crime, but he says police can help deter anything bad from happening.

"The older I get the more I agree with it. It's just all about the children and it's about me and you and everybody else to be safe," said Ritter.

Ritter says it starts with step one, keep an eye on your prized possessions and know what's going on around you. It can help keep Albany residents from being a victim and adding to the stats that ranks this city on the Most Dangerous City list.

The other Georgia cities ranked more dangerous than Albany were Atlanta and Macon. Meanwhile Roswell, Georgia was the 18th least dangerous city nationwide.

The ranking only includes cities with a population more than 75,000 and takes into account the number of murders, burglaries, and thefts in each city.



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