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Honoring a breast cancer survivor in NY Marathon

November 5, 2006

Albany -- An Albany marathon runner diagnosed with breast cancer watches from home as members from the Albany Run/Walk group run in her honor at the New York Marathon.

There are five Albany runners in the marathon wearing jerseys that say "Running for Sabrina."

Sabrina Powell is a runner herself and says she'd be running along with her teammates in New York if she wasn't undergoing treatment for her breast cancer. This is the second time Powell is battling the disease.

She says having the group running for her in New York City gives her hope for her future recovery.

"It just makes me want to fight harder to beat my disease. Because of the fact that they're there and doing this for me. They think that I'm a motivation for them," said Sabrina Powell.

Powell has tracking numbers to check on her friends' progress online. She also watched on TV as the runners ran 26.2 miles through the five burroughs of New York City.

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