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South Georgians weigh in on Governor's race

November 4, 2006

Albany - - In just a few days, Georgia voters will head to the polls to elect the state's next governor.

Current Governor Sonny Perdue and current Lieutenant Governor Mark Taylor are vying for the spot...both have had some ups and downs this campaign season.

Saturday, both men kicked off another round of furious campaigning in hopes of energizing their parties to vote.  

Their television ads paint the picture of two politicians ready to fight for Georgia. But like any political race, ads can get down and dirty.

"They sling a lot of mud, too much and they kinda actually take away from what they're doing because you don't know who to trust or what they're saying," says voter Carrie Blair.

For years, Governor Perdue and Lt. Governor Mark Taylor have worked side by side now each is ready to try it on his own.

"It's time for change," says voter Benny Williams.

He's looking forward to heading to the polls to get Perdue out.

"I think Mark Taylor will be an asset and plus to South Georgia and all Georgia because like the commercial says Mark Taylor looks out for the little buy, but I believe Mark Taylor's going to look out for all Georgians."

23 year old Andy Coston has a different viewpoint.

"I just go by what I've seen. He's been in office so I see what he's done and I like what he's done. I haven't seen what Mark Taylor would do. I know Sonny's done a good job that's why I'd like to see him stay."

Georgia's Secretary of state predicts less than half of the state's 4.4 million voters will actually take to the polls. But if you're as vocal as these guys... '

"Mark Taylor can do just as good as Governor Perdue or even better" (Williams).

"If it ain't broke, don't fix it" (Coston).'ll make your voice heard come Tuesday. 

Perdue and Taylor will hold their final debate Sunday night. We'll provide you up to the minute coverage of local and state races on election night.


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