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State Supreme Court candidate speaks in Albany

November 2, 2006

Albany-- Supreme Court Justice Carol Hunstein, who's credited with some of the most vicious tv ads of this election season, brought her campaign to Albany today. 

Hunstein, a Democrat, and Republican Mike Wiggins are locked in a nasty battle with her ads accusing Wiggins of suiing his own mother. He says the airs are lies and tv stations should stop running them. Hunstein says her experience should earn her another term on the state's highest court. 

"I think I am the viable candidate for the state, because of my experience. I have served the public for twenty-two years as a Judge and it really has been my honor and priviledge to do that"said Georgia Supreme Court Justice Candidate Carol Hunstein. 

Hunstein has served on the supreme court for 22 years.

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