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Voters divides on Sunday liquor referendum

November 2, 2006

Valdosta - All week, early voters have turned out at the Lowndes County Board of Election to place their votes days before the polls officially open.

One issue bringing voters from Lowndes County out in large numbers is a referendum to allow Sunday alcohol sales in city and county restaurants.

The topic has residence divided.  "If a person wants to drink, he's got 6 days a week to get what he wants. I don't think they should be selling alcohol on Sundays," says Lake Park resident John Miller

But Valdosta resident Ray Young thinks otherwise.  "I voted yes for that. Why not have it on Sunday?"

"It probably will benefit some businesses but then there are many who have religious beliefs who contradict things," says Joseph Williams, a resident of Lowndes County.

If approved, the referendum would allow establishments with liquor licenses to serve alcohol between 12:30 PM and midnight. It would not allow liquor sales in convenience and grocery stores.

Although the issue is highly debated, all residents do agree on one thing.  "Get out and vote. No matter what side your on, what issue your voting for. Vote!" Young says

Valdosta resident Mary Margaret Richardson agrees.  "This is the only way you can have your input and vote your convictions. This is what you believe should happen and if it doesn't happen, you did your part."

If the referendum is passed, residents can expect alcohol to be served in restaurants in the next few months.

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