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Campaign flyer heats up 172nd Georgia House race

November 2, 2006

Decatur County-  Republican Incumbent Gene Maddox of Cairo is outraged over an advertisement paid for by the Georgia Democratic Party. It claims Maddox voted to put septic tanks near public waterways. Maddox's opponent Stanley Mobley said the ad was created, designed and published by political hanks employed by the state and he didn't approve of the negative advertising.

The house race for the 172nd district started with a friendly handshake between Incumbent Gene Maddox and challenger Stanley Mobley, but recently that's changed with this campaign flyer arriving in mailboxes.

"This nasty campaign ad came out accusing me of all sorts of things like putting a, I hate to use the word poop, but pooping in the water and doing some other detrimental effects, sort of aligning this like a drug dealer and it was just very, very bad," said Rep. Gene Maddox.

The ad refers to a stream buffer bill that Maddox admits to voting for because he said the bill contained provisions that in his view addressed potential hazards. His opponent Stanley Mobley also disapproved of the ad and in an E-mail encouraged the Democratic Party who sponsored the ad to use the funds elsewhere.

"We did not approve of it, that was not our way of life, and I did not want that," said Stanley Mobley.

Mobley said instead of negative campaigning he wants to focus on the issues, especially education cuts.

"In Grady County alone we've had 3.9 million on just this year with a budget surplus we've had 500-thousand or 116.24 cents per student and there are things that have had to get money from other places in order to make up the difference," said Mobley.

Maddox agrees the focus should be on issues like agriculture.

"I'm on the agricultural committee, it's costing much, much more now to produce a crop and we got to do something to lower the cost of that. Education is always prime," said Maddox.

Both also agree on the importance of the outcome and how it could change the balance of the House which is currently a Republican majority but could change depending on how the ballot is cast Tuesday.

Georgia House District 172 covers Decatur County and a majority of Grady County.  



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