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Lake Blackshear water level goes down

November 1, 2006

Lake Blackshear -- If you drive by Lake Blackshear soon, you'll probably notice the water level is going down.

The Crisp County Power Commission began drawing down the level today by letting more water flow through the Lake Blackshear dam.

They do it every other year to give people who live on the lake a chance to make needed repairs to or dredge around their docks or sea walls.

"We'll draw it down usually 3 to 3 1/2 feet below normal pool. It allows them to get out there in places they normally can't get and do the work they need to do," said Power Commission Resource Manager Marcus Waters.

Residents must get a permit before making repairs. The draw-down also will help kill unwanted vegetation.

The power commission will start raising the level in mid-December.



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