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Sister gets her flag

November 1, 2006

Thomasville -- A Thomasville woman now has the flag she wanted to fly in honor of her brother who was killed while working for the government in Kuwait.

Several weeks ago we told you about Pet Stop owner Cindi Beever's brother Jerry Lambert, who was killed trying to save a person who was injured when their convoy struck a roadside bomb in Kuwait.

Shortly after the story aired, Beever received a flag from her landlord, and another from an anonymous Thomasville business.

The flag flies at half staff in memory of her brother. "I went out there to raise it today and I couldn't get it up, and I though 'its just not time,' but it's just for everybody out there you know everyone that's lost someone, or has someone over there and they're worried," Beever said.

A third flag was donated by the local military who heard the story and wanted Beever always to have a flag available.


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