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Mary Perdue is prominent in campaign

November 1, 2006

Thomasville -- Governor Perdue's family members accompanied him on the campaign trail. First Lady Mary Perdue was by the Governor's side in Thomasville and his son Jim was in the crowd.

The first lady has been vocal in the campaign appearing in ads, and Wednesday said it was important to stand by her husband's side.

"We're a team, we've always been a team. I try to do everything I can to meet people, get out there and campaign all across the state, it's exciting and it's very encouraging."

The first lady planned to campaign all day with the Governor.   

Less than a week before election day. Another new poll confirms Governor Perdue maintains a big lead over Lt. Governor Taylor.

The latest poll from political marketing firm Strategic Visions shows Perdue with 52%, Taylor with 36%, Libertarian candidate Garrett Hayes with 5%, and 7% of the respondents were undecided.

In all other statewide races in which an incumbent is running for re-election. That incumbent is leading. Republican candidates are ahead in all open races.



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