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South Georgia outdoor enthusiasts promote Amendment 2

November 1, 2006

Albany-- One of three proposed constitutional amendments on Georgia's November ballot might leave some voters scratching their heads.

Critics say Amendment Two is unnecessary. But many outdoorsman say it's needed. Voters will decide if the state constitution will guarantee Georgians the right to hunt and fish.

The U-S Fish and Wildlife Service reports that hunters and anglers contribute more than two billion dollars to the state economy every year, and support more than 21-thousand jobs.

Supporters say New Jersey and Michigan lawmakers proposed laws outlawing hunting certain breeds of animals, and they want to make sure that never happens in the Peach State. Wynfield Plantation Manager Bill Bowles said he supports Amendment Two,  "to add this extra layer of protection above and beyond the laws we have now. To protect hunting for generations and generations to come."

 Many Georgia outdoor and conservation groups back amendment Two.  


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