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Albany couple warns of elder scam

November 1, 2006

Albany -- Scam artists often target the elderly, because thieves feel they are easy to con.   One group of rip off artists called the wrong Albany couple trying their scam.

The Henry's are long time crime fighters, and were not fooled. Now the couple is fighting back against the con artists.

Early Monday morning Hank and Lois Henry Monday got a phone call from a man claiming to be a tax attorney. Lois Henry said "the first thing he said was congratulations, you have won a substantial amount of money." A half million bucks from Publisher's Clearing House is what he promised her.

Lois is almost 80, but she was not fooled. When the man said she needed to wire 4-thousand 500 dollars to him to pay taxes on the money, she knew it was a con, because she had won money from Publisher's years before. Lois Henry said "what they did was send the check to me. There were no questions or anything."

Hank Henry started the Neighborhood Watch for his East Albany community in the 1980-s, and still is active with it. And he got mad, knowing this con artist was targeting the elderly.  Hank Henry said "if it sounds too good to be true, it ain't true. And especially if they want you to send money."

Lois took excellent notes as she pumped the caller for information, then turned it over to the Police and Sheriff's office. She also reported it to the National Consumer Product Hotline and even the legitimate Publishers Clearing House people.

 Now they want to warn their friends and neighbors to watch out for these phone scam artists. Lois Henry said "he sounded very reputable as an IRS attorney. But you got to be wise to these people."

 Thieves who steal millions from Americans every year, and the Henry's know they are targeting South Georgia seniors.


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