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VSU Junior Donates Hair to Cancer Patient

October 31, 2006

Valdosta -- Until recently, Valdosta State Junior Josh Bass was well-known for the length of his hair.

"It went down to the middle of my back," says Bass, "so it was pretty long."

Before the season started, Bass decided to make a big change.

"It was kind of hot down here, and I did kind of want a haircut, but I was like, 'No, I can't cut my hair'," says Bass. "Then I decided it'd be kind of special if I donated it to a cancer patient."

The noble gesture soon hit very close to home.

Bass says, "A couple of weeks later I heard my cousin had been diagnosed with cancer, and I said, 'Hey, I'll just cut off my hair and give it to her.' She had long, pretty, pretty hair, so I decided to give her mine."

With the 6'4" defensive lineman's broad shoulders no longer hidden by his hair, they now took on a new role for his 12-year-old cousin.

"She just knows she has a shoulder to lean on," says Bass, "and of course she can lean on mine."

Bass says his favorite patient is progressing well.

"I talked to my auntie, and she says she's making it. She's progressing well."

And Bass is adjusting to his new look.

"It's a little windier," Bass says with a laugh. "It's a little windier now, but it's awesome. I can live with it, and I'm growing it back as we speak."

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