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President rallies Republicans in Perry

October 31, 2006

Perry -- Two days, two straight trips to Georgia this week for President Bush.

He's trying to energize Republican voters.   Especially in two Congressional districts that could decide whether Republicans maintain control of Congress.

At a rally for Congressional candidate Mac Collins in Perry Tuesday evening, The President told thousands of Georgians about differences between Democrats and Republicans. Georgians showed their support for President George Bush, with a huge turnout at a campaign rally for 8th District Congressional Candidate Mac Collins.

The President told the crowd Democrats and Republicans see national defense and taxes differently. President Bush said "get ready. If the democrats take the house, your taxes are going up. And it's a fundamental issue in this campaign."

Collins and Incumbent Democrat Congressman Jim Marshall are locked in a tight battle. Georgia victories in the House could help the Republicans hold onto their majority, so the President has come to the Peach State twice in two days campaigning.

Bush defended the war in Iraq as vital to the war against terrorism, and said Democrats will make put America in danger by pulling out too early. Bush said "the most important job of the government is to defend you. We will fight in Iraq, and we will win in Iraq."

 Collins said the President's visit shows how vital this Georgia Congressional election is. Collins said "he knows what is at stake. He knows the future of this economy, the future attempts to bring global terrorism under control, it's all right on the table."

Collins said this Presidential visit makes him feel good about his election chances.


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