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Perdue makes 40-city tour

October 31, 2006

Lee County -  Governor Sonny Perdue is also doing a lot of traveling this week. He's in the middle of a 40-city campaign swing, and he's bringing a lot of friends with him.

The Governor started the day off early, waking up at 5:30AM to get out on the road. He stopped first in Americus, then rolled into Mark Taylor territory, at the Stardust Skate Center in Lee County.

As Perdue worked the cheering crowd, he said, "I really draw a lot of energy from this. This is the fun part of campaigning, getting out."

Out meeting his constituents, folks he hopes will put him back in office. "I think it makes you a better Governor. You get out and hear people's heart beat and you hear the pulse of the people, and I think you're able to Govern Georgia better."

He says he's been listening to the people all along and that's why he feels he's been so successful. "We want an industry. We've been able to do that."

And he hopes to do a whole lot more. But says he'll need about four more. "We're going to continue to move Georgia, jobs and prosperity."

But whether he or his opponent, Mark Taylor, will prosper at the polls next week, is up to you, the voters.

Mark Taylor continues to criticize Perdue for a tax break on a Florida land deal and another real estate purchase in Georgia that he did not publicly disclose as required by law.

Still, the governor has a comfortable lead in the latest polls.


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