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Outreach group helps people with addictions

October 28, 2006

Albany -- A local organization helps people battle drug and alcohol addictions through faith and prayer.

Agape  Recovery Outreach hosted it's annual fundraiser banquet for family, friends, and people who are undergoing rehab.

The organization aims to help those who want to overcome their addictions, but they don't necessarily have the financial means to do so.

The faith-based long-term treatment plan has helped more than 600 people with recovery over the past six-years.

"We shouldn't sit around and wait for other people to do what we can do ourselves, and help others. Be there for them. Also as a pastor in the community and as a person, an overcomer myself it's my duty to help them before God," said Lawrence Bryant.

The goal of this year's fundraiser is $10,000. The money helps provide people with drug and alcohol problems a low-cost plan for recovery.

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