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Wireless broadband added by Verizon

October 27, 2006

Albany -- The Good Life City of  now sits under a new wireless umbrella of high speed Internet.

Verizon Wireless introduced its Broadband and V-cast service to include a 500 square mile area around Albany. The network brings the good life city up to speed with much larger cities, such as Atlanta or New York.

People with the service will be able to access high speed Internet from their phones or laptops from anywhere in the city.

"If it's a beautiful day and you want to go to the park, just answering emails or reviewing documents you can do that too," said Verizon Wireless spokesperson Caren Smith.

"Now we have to go through dispatch and dispatch has to go through GCIC. Now the officer can have that in their cars, make a run right there themselves," said APD investigator Lt. James Williams.

Local law enforcement says high speed Internet can help speed up the process of pulling up records while on the road.

The power of high speed has helped other departments fight crime with more effective communications.

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