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Airmen dare to scare!

October 27, 2006
by Tiffany Simmons

Moody Air Force Base -- If you're looking for a good Halloween scare, You can visit one of many haunted houses throughout south Georgia. But there's one that's different from the rest.

Men and women who serve our country are now serving up Halloween sights and frights.    

With Halloween right around the corner, you may be on a search for the scariest haunted house. Volunteers at Moody Air force Base say their haunted house will be your scariest nightmare or biggest thrill.

"We spend a lot of volunteer time coming out here after duty hours to do this, it is strictly off duty time to raise money for our unit." Sergeant Joseph Tison says visiting the house is like being in a horror film.

Organizers got ideas from other haunted houses they enjoyed.  "I've actually visited quite a few, especially growing up as a teenager; I visited a lot of haunted houses. That's where a lot of the ideas come from."

Volunteers spent about three months getting everything ready, and they really get into character.  "Practice my scary noises and find the right spot to jump out of."  

"You actually have to adapt to each group that comes through." Sgt. Tison says they had a good turnout this week, and are expecting a larger crowd this weekend.  

"Each year we seem to get more and more support from the community. The turnout continues to grow every year as word continues to get out and we keep putting on bigger and more elaborate haunted houses," Tison says.

Proceeds from the haunted house which is created by the Civil Engineer Recreation Program will go to the unit with portions of that going to local charities.



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