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Car jacker escapes on bicycle

 October 27, 2006

Albany -- An armed robber tries to carjack an East Albany woman outside a laundromat. The robber makes his escape riding a bicycle, just like the gunman who shot a security guard at a store just blocks away.

Addie Peterson said a man put a gun in her face and yelled "Give me the car!"   This happened at the Simpson Laundromat in the 2200 block of East Broad Avenue. Peterson said she was sitting in her Honda when the gunman approached her. Peterson said she got out of the car and ran into the laundromat yelling "Don't kill me, don't kill me!"

Meanwhile the gunman was yelling because he could not find the keys to the car. A man inside the laundromat, Michael Kancilja, walked outside, and the gunman pointed his pistol at him , and then ran away, leaving the car.

 Witnesses say they saw the man riding away on a bicycle. Twice since July the Jack Rabbit Food store on Cordele Road, just blocks from this laundromat, was robbed by a gunman who rode a bicycle.

In the first robbery, that gunman shot a security guard in the leg.

Investigators say they are checking to see if there are connections between the three incidents.


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