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Racer survives horrible crash

October 27, 2006

Americus --- An Americus man who races street cars as a hobby experienced the worst crash of his life. It happened at the U. S. 19 Dragway in Albany during the last race of the season.

The man survived that crash and lives to tell the story.

While competing, Lance Styck takes off and then suddenly loses control. His car crashes into a wall and cartwheels down the drag strip.

"At that moment, I was afraid to even try to move," Styck says.

But he did.  "After seeing the video, I was surprised I was able to walk out of it, for sure."

Thirty-one-year old Lance Styck's been racing cars since high school. Now he competes in the Outlaw Racing Street Car Association and admits, it's tough. "Definitely, the hardest class out there, because there's no limits to what you can do."

You can go as fast as you want.  When he races he can reach a speed of 160 miles per hour in just 4.5 seconds.

Last year, Styck survived a crash while racing in Orlando, but it was not as bad as this one. "No," he said. "This is the worst accident we've been in."

He says the top prize in these competitions is $10,000 to $20,000. That mixed with his passion, he says, keep him doing what he loves.

"It don't really bother me, I've done it so much. You hate to wreck. It's not if you're going to wreck, you know it's coming sometime or another."

Not even this, will make him quit. "Oh no, we'll do it again, we'll definitely do it again."

No doubt, his fans will be there cheering him on.

Amazingly, Lance Styck did not have any serious injuries. But the force of the crash left a four inch crack in his helmet.

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