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Boys vandalize car lot

October 27, 2006

Albany -- A 12-year-old boy is charged with car theft, after he and at least three other boys broke into an East Albany auto auction lot Thursday morning. They did about $20,000 damage to three cars they stole off the lot.

South Georgia Auto Auction owner Danny Acord says even though his cars are stored behind electric fences, and the lot has surveillance cameras all around, three or four young boys broke in about 3:00AM.

Investigators say the boys stole a car earlier on Oakridge Drive, and used it to crash through the lot's electric fence.

Surveillance video shows the kids getting in and out of cars in the storage lot, and crashing them through his fence to steal them.

Workers at the car lot spotted one of the boys driving back by the lot in one of the stolen cars while police were investigating, and he was quickly arrested. That boy is 12-years-old.

Acord says if the kids will be made to pay for the damages to his business and cars, they might think about it a little bit before they do it again. "Until they start holding them responsible for their actions, they are going to continue to do it." he said.

Acord had his electric fence repaired Friday, and hopes all his security measures will convince young thieves to leave his car lot alone.

Investigators say they are looking for the other kids involved in the car thefts, but no other arrests have been made.



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