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Suspect shot by female officer, shootout follows

GBI Director Vernon Keenan GBI Director Vernon Keenan

October 27, 2006
by Priya Aujla, WTVM

Lumpkin -- A GBI agent shot and killed a drug suspect in Stewart County during an undercover drug deal about 5:30PM Thursday.

That's where investigators say several GBI agents were part of an undercover drug sting during recent months.

Investigators say two undercover agents were buying drugs from 21-year-old Markith Moses from inside an unmarked GBI car, Moses suddenly pulled the female agent out of the car. "There were shots fired and the subject was wounded, fatally wounded by our undercover female agent," said GBI Director Vernon Keenan.

Wounded, Moses managed to run from the agents. That's when GBI says shots were fired at their agents, but they don't know who the gunmen were. "We do not know at this point who fired on our agents. We have recovered shell casings, and we have the gunfire captured on videotape of the agents coming under fire after the incident had taken place," said Keenan.

Since all undercover drug deals are recorded, investigators are reviewing the tapes to  identify the shooters.

Though none of the agents were hurt, GBI says this shootout proves how dangerous working undercover can be. "The agents working here knew, based on past experiences, that there was potential for their being a tremendous amount of danger," Keenan said.

The GBI says the agents involved in the shootout will be taken off street duty until the investigation is complete.


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