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Cracking down on Albany gangs

October 26, 2006

Albany -- Albany city leaders and police want you to be on alert for gang activity. They say the number of gangs in Albany is nearing an all-time high.

Gang investigator Lt. James Williams says community involvement is key to bringing the number of gangs back down. That's why APD and city officials invite the public to monthly Gang Task Force meetings.

They want you to look out for spray-painted gang signs and young people loitering or skipping school. Cops say even old shoes thrown over electric wires is a sign gangs use to mark their territory. They want you to call them if you see gang signs.

"Who knows when one person can make one phone call and stop something awful from happening," said Judy Bowles.

Police say the Gang Task Force can significantly reduce gangs in Albany if citizens get involved. The meetings are held every fourth Thursday at 5 pm at the Government Center.



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