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Georgia Wal-Marts will sell cheap generic drugs

October 26, 2006

Albany -- Even though the cost of prescription drugs continue to skyrocket, you're about to be able to get many medications cheap. The world's largest retailer is expanding a deep discount drug plan to include stores in Georgia.

In September Wal-Mart started a plan in Florida to sell 314 different generic drugs at $4.00 a prescription for a 30-day supply.

They expanded the program to 14 more states last week, and 12 others today including Georgia. That means you can now take advantage of savings up to 70% on some drugs.

Some elderly south Georgians who depend on numerous prescriptions say it will be a tremendous help.

"Even with insurance we're paying $7.50 for the lowest and some of them don't pay anything. If Wal-Mart does it for $4 that will be a great help on our budget," said prescription drug user Billie Layton.

Target will match the deal in places where it competes with Wal-Mart.

Many small pharmacy owners don't like the plan. They say they can't compete with Wal-Mart's bulk purchasing power, and the retail giant is just trying to put them out of business. They also say it may cut out important patient-pharmacist interaction you get at a local pharmacy.



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