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Lt. Governor campaigns in Albany

October 26, 2006

Albany -- The race for governor is entering the home stretch. Can Albany's hometown candidate come from behind to win?

Taylor is trailing by as much as 20 points in some polls, but he says he has the better plan for the future of this state. He says the polls don't indicate the winner of the race because many voters are just making their decisions now that election day is just shy of two weeks away.

Current polls don't put him in the lead of this year's gubernatorial race, but Mark Taylor is still shaking hands and telling voters why he's the top candidate.

"My vision for the future is a vision that is more focused on what I consider to be the most serious needs of the people of Georgia, not the big business, but the people," said Mark Taylor.

Taylor says people here want a more economically secure state. To ensure that he will invest in schools and restore cuts he says his opponent Sonny Perdue made to education.

"The cuts to public schools has been unfair to our kids, to our teachers, unfair to Georgia's future, so I want to stop the cuts to public education," said Taylor.

"It will make me very very happy to see that done. And I feel that he is the person that will be able to do that very effectively," said Ethel High.

Retired teacher of 38 years Ethel High says Taylor will get her vote for his stance on education. But it's also the reason younger people give Taylor their support.

"It's a definate appeal to young people because when you have a smaller class size, you learn more, and when you learn more you're going to get a better education, you're going to get a better job," said Culin Brown.

Taylor says he'll do a better job as governor because he supports affordable health care for children, tougher laws against criminals, and more tax cuts, like the grocery sales tax cut he pushed through the Senate.

"I know that we're going to vote for a new governor. A governor who's focused on education, and public safety, and bringing jobs. Where our focus needs to be," said Taylor.

Until election day Taylor will focus on campaigning and reaching out to voters to elect him governor.

Despite all the party politics going on at the nationwide level, Taylor says that elections are about candidates and what they stand for and their past records.

Taylor represented the Albany area in the state senate for 12 years and served eight years as Lieutenant Governor. He's never lost a political race.



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