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APD want businesses to be on lookout

October 25, 2006

Albany -- Albany Police teamed up with the Chamber of Commerce today to teach those lessons to business owners.

Police advised them to watch their business and surrounding area closely, take note of unusual activity, even something like someone walking around on a cell phone.

Police say making eye contact with all customers can help deter crime because it lets possible thieves know they are noticed by employees.

Business Watch meetings will continue throughout the year to help owners protect their property.

"It's all about community oriented policing. It's all about teamwork. We we want these businesses to do is to learn a lot of things so that they can share this information with other businesses that are in their area, said Lt. Kenn Singleton.

APD encourages business to report all crimes, from shoplifting to break-ins. That helps the department keep track of where crimes are happening around town.

More advice from APD on protecting your business include:

1. Get alarm systems and cameras installed. They can help deter criminals.

2. Take a good look at the front of your business and make sure it's well-lit and shrubbery is kept to a minimum.

3. If you run a gas station, change your pumps to pre-pay to avoid drive-offs.

4. Call police in advance when closing late and you need an escort to your car.

5. Don't try to save money on low density lighting, bright lights make everything and everyone more visible.

6. Don't lock your door to keep shoplifter in your store. It may lead to more violent crimes with that person inside. Let them go and call police.

7. Watch out for cars parked near the entrance with doors open and engines running, they may be a getaway car for thieves.

8. Call police at 431-2100 and schedule a business security survey of your business. It's conducted by police and they will have tips on crime-proofing your shop.

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