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Cold weather has heating techs on the move

October 24, 2006

Albany-- Heating technicians are working overtime right now. Near record low temperatures last night and tonight left many homeowners calling for help. As technicians go door to door answering those calls, they remind us to get those units serviced before the cold weather really sets in.

With toolbag in tow, service technician Tom Edwards has trekked through lots of green grass and Fall leaves since the cooler temperatures swept in. "It's been rough for the last two days," says Edwards.

For the past two nights, the cold has some South Georgians dealing with some weather worries. "This time of year, you worry about having holes in the heat exchanger and people want them checked to make sure there's no carbon monoxide coming in their house," says Edwards.

But some have discovered that heat isn't coming into their homes.  So they've called on technicians like Edwards.  Some of them have called for the first time.

"There's a big percentage of people who never have their unit checked. They just turn them on and hope it starts working," says Edwards. Hope unfortunately doesn't always bring the heat so added comfort should come from being prepared for the cold.

"Certainly at this time of year have your heating system serviced. All of us tend to be pennywise and pound foolish and you really save a lot of money by keeping your equipment in good working order," says Lorie Farkas of Water, Gas and Light.

Servicing the units is number one.  However, that's not it. "Always keep your filters changed. It's just really, really good especially on a gas furnace or gas heating system," says Edwards.

Edwards says it's best to get these things done early because soon the units won't be the only thing on the freeze. "When you do get cold and you get that big rush, chances are you'll be without heat for a few days because all the companies in town stay backed up," says Edwards.

That means he'll be even busier for the next few months but he says he doesn't mind. "I love being outdoors and meeting people," says Edwards.

He'll brave the cold outside and work longer hours to get homes nice and warm.



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