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Thoroughly Thumbelina

By Heidi Glaus
October 24, 2006

St. Louis, Mo. -- Horses are known as majestic, strong and powerful creatures. and I guess the same can be said for this horse, because what she doesn't have in size, she more than makes up for in attitude.

Meet Thumbelina - appropriately named because at age five, she stands just 17.5 inches tall.  "According to the Guinness Book of World Records she is the world's smallest horse," says her "Papa", Paul Goessling. "She thinks she's the boss of the whole pasture."

Even the other miniature horses at goose creek farm seem to think she's something special. "She tends to boss the bigger horses around which is always fun to watch," says her caregiver, Michael Goessling.

And apparently it doesn't matter how big they are.  "The world's biggest horse, 'Radar,' lives in Texas, and he was here with Thumbelina. Thumbelina tried to run him out of pasture," said Paul.

Radar is 40 times bigger than Thumbelina, standing at more than six feet, seven inches tall. "He paid absolutely no attention to her. I don't think he even thought she was a horse," said Paul Goessling.

Sometimes it's hard to tell if she even thinks she's a horse, the way she likes her friend's dog house!

And that just proves she hasn't let all this fame go to her unusually small head. The same can't be said however for the rest of the herd, who now have an itch for a little bit of fame themselves.

Sorry guys, you'll have to watch from the coral, because Thumbelina is hitting the road. "She can do a lot of good while she's around and raise a lot of money and hopefully a lot of attention for some good children's causes," says Michael Goessling.

And that means this little horse will be making a big difference for kids everywhere and however you look at it, that gives her a pretty big purpose in life.