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Marine Guard of the year is from Worth Co.

October 23, 2006

Cordele -- A south Georgia Marine is awarded for his hard work, dedication, and service in the military.   Staff Sgt. James Aultman of Sylvester has received several medals and has been named Marine Security Guard of the year by the Marine Corps.

While on duty, he helped protect and secure our embassies overseas.  The young Marine is now serving our country in Iraq.  He's only 27-years-old. But for seven years now, he's proudly served his country in the Marines.  

"He's driven. He's ambitious, and this is an outlet for him to do what he's good at, to lead, to direct. The Marine Corps is his family," said his sister, Priscilla Roberson.

When Ms. Roberson isn't teaching at Crisp County High School, she's bragging about her kid brother, Staff Sgt. Aultman. "He's done very well for himself in the marine corps. This was his, I guess, life work. He's really good at what he does."

So good, that his hard work has finally been recognized.  "He was funny about it. He said I got this award and I have no idea why they chose me of all the people they could have picked. He was extremely excited."  

"He got this award for great service. It was a lot of time working, away from home, away from family."

Aultman entered the military shortly after quitting high school.  "As soon as he got out of basic training, he said 'This is me this is what I do, and this is the direction I want to go,'" Roberson told us.

For nearly nearly two months now, he's been serving the America in Iraq. "I heard from him when he first got over there. He wasn't afraid to go. He was proud to go. He's proud to serve his country. He's proud of what he does."

And she's proud of him, and wants to make sure he knows it. "I'm proud of you. Keep doing what you're doing. I hope you come home soon. I'll be glad to see you."  

 Sgt. Aultman is scheduled to return to the United States in about nine months.



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