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National BMX competition comes to Albany

October 20, 2006

Albany--Some of the best B-M-X bike racers in the country are in south Georgia Friday night for the sixth annual Chehaw B-M-X competition.

Some of these racers may go for the gold in two years when B-M-X becomes an Olympic sport.

Friday they had one last chance to get ready for this weekend's competition.

And with that sound, they're off  Hundreds of them, actually. Bikers from around the country prepare for another national BMX competition.

"It's just fun. It's a family sport. Everybody gets involved," says Florida rider Britney White.

She readies herself for the big day. B-M-X riding is her passion.

"I've given up lots of sacrifices, but it's also opened up so many opportunities for me with riding, getting to travel," she says.

She hopes to rock out the track this weekend with a win, and she's not alone.

"We're looking for probably five to 600 riders this weekend," says organizer Tommy Hughes. he says that means big bucks for "The Good Life City."

"You got people from all over the United States, New York, Virginia will be coming in filling our hotels and eating at our eateries, and visiting our malls," he says.

B-M-X riding has become so popular it's now an Olympic sport. For White, that's good news.

"It's getting our sport more recognition, as being a real sport as something as people want to do. We're almost as big as skateboarding or snowboarding is now," she says.

 As the extreme sport brings in new visitors to the area, you can rest assure White will continue coming back to south Georgia and taking part in all the fun.

"I will be on my bike the rest of my life," she says.

The competition officially kicks off at 11 AM Saturday and runs through Sunday at the Parks at Chehaw. You can watch for just two bucks.



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