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Worth's first county seat may join current one

October 20, 2006

Isabella -- The town that took away government Isabella's status in the early 1900s may absorb what remains.

The Sylvester city council wants to grow the Peanut Capital by annexing Isabella.  If the council approves the plan, voters in Isabella and Sylvester must still pass a referendum.    The plan would give residents in the unincorporated area the updated water system of the city.   

Critics say that it would mean higher taxes for both Sylvester and Isabella residents, but others say it would help Isabella. "We'll have police protection, better fire protection. I think overall, it's a real good thing. I'm just proud the city of Sylvester is gonna ask us to come into the city, and as far as I'm concerned, we could do it tomorrow," said Isabella property owner Billy Gilman.   

Isabella used to be the important spot in Worth County, but when the railroad came through in the late 1800s, Isabella Station, now know as Sylvester, grew and prospered. It became the county seat shortly thereafter.

The Sylvester city council is looking into the cost of getting maps, surveys and reports in order to get the small town annexed.  

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