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Expo wraps up for 2006-

Youth learn what it takes to farm

October 19, 2006

Moultrie - - The Sunbelt Ag Expo wrapped up in Moultrie today. The three-day expo attracted hundreds of thousands of people during the week - especially young people. 

It doesn't matter if you're just a toddler, put on your farm hats and let's get to work.

"I live in the city, so I wouldn't know nothing about that," says Future Farmers of America student Tamekia Wilson. She is one of about 50 students who hopped on 3 busses from Alabama to make this year's expo.

"We learn about tractors and farm animals which I know nothing about so that's how it relates. It shows me different things to learn about and it helps."

They're not the only young people taking part in the festivities. Students from Berrien County High School come here each year serving hotdogs, sweet tea, and grilling up good ole hamburgers and pork skewers.

"We try not to let them burn though, you gotta keep them turned every two minutes."

"It will actually pay for trips to the national convention, scholarships for college, pay for leadership events and things of that nature," says advisor Mark Morgan.

Misty Barber is a member of her school's agriculture club and she came to perform and get some exposure for her music career. Colleges recognize the number of young people here. They're on site advertising their schools.

"Agriculture is what we primary major in, all your wildlife everything like that so what a way to recruit people. All your farmers, farm kids, hometown school, ABAC," says student Ashton Harper.

So as you see, it's not just about the farmers, it's about those that study them, and may plan to walk in their shoes.

"I hope to walk away with an experience of farm life, that's basically it," Wilson says.

And they're doing just that.

This year marks the 29th year of the Expo. It is billed as the world's largest farm show with field demonstrations.


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