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City may beef up vehicle policy

October 17, 2006

Albany-- City employees may soon have to work even harder to shape up and drive right.

A recommendation of the City of Albany's strategic plan is to beef up the policy on use of city-owned vehicles. City commissioners are considering updating the Vehicle Policy by pulling motor vehicle records of all employees once a year.

The information pulled will be based on a point evaluation system. For instance, if an employee is found to be driving on a suspended license, that would count as 12 points. Employees could reduce points under training and defensive driving courses, but after 14 or more points, a city employee could be out the door.

"Ultimately, if you accumulate enough points then it gets to a decision where the department head and Mr. Lott have to make a decision on reassigning you or releasing you," says Central Services Director Stephen Collier.

Employees could also get points for driving in excess of the speed limit or involvement in preventable accidents. It would cost about 10,000 dollars a year for the new system. Commissioners will vote on the measure at the next city commission meeting.  



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