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Sonny does Sunbelt

October 17, 2006

Moultrie -- Georgia Governor Sonny Perdue got a first-hand look at new and developing technology as he toured the Expo grounds Tuesday.  

Perdue spoke with some of the 1,200 exhibitors throughout the Expo. He addressed hundreds during a luncheon stressing the importance of making developing technologies available to south Georgia farmers, so they can be competitive.

Perdue also spoke about the Expo's importance to south Georgia and promised $400,000 to improve the Expo's infrastructure.  

"We've got some electricity issues here, with all the poles and power going out, and that makes for an unpleasant experience when you're trying to demo projects. So we're going to come in here with some infrastructure improvements," said the governor.    

Perdue also addressed the tourism opportunities the Expo creates for south Georgia. This year the Expo drew visitors from other nations, including delegations from South Korea and Russia.


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