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Ancient to cutting edge, Sunbelt has it all

October 17, 2006

Moultrie -- From the newest wave of farm equipment to a blast from the past with an antique tractor show, The Sunbelt Ag Expo opens with a bang.

Equipment of tomorrow that aims to make farming in south Georgia less costly and more efficient.   It's a day that included numerous state officials, including Governor Sonny Perdue, but it's really a chance for people connected to agriculture to see some of the newest technology.    

Despite some cloudy weather, thousands descended on Moultrie to participate in this expo that features more than 1,200 exhibitors.   Guests got the first look at some of the newest technologies when it comes to farm equipment. Tractors that are now smaller and more efficient.

More farm equipment now equipped to use biodiesel made from peanuts, and equipment to improve efficiency on the farm like the new Case I-H Module Express Cotton Picker that allows one man to harvest the cotton, as opposed to three. "That's a couple of tractors, that's a couple of implements, and you don't need those anymore, so that really translates to a guys efficiency his ability to cut some of those extra costs and be more productive," said Trent Haggard of Case I-H  

This is the first show, where this equipment is being debuted, and it can spit out a 10,000 pound module ready to go to the gin.

They also named the farmer of the year today, Bob Willis from Tennessee. Willis farms over 4,500 acres.  

In addition to an old-fashioned tractor parade, different exhibitors have entertained crowds with musical acts and much more.and there's still two days to go, so there's still plenty more to see.    



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