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Mattress gives ambulance the hot-foot

October 16, 2006

Lee County-- A Randolph County ambulance catches on fire after running over a mattress. It happened on US 82 near the Lee-Terrell County line.

Randolph County EMS was transporting a man and hit the mattress, which got stuck underneath their ambulance. The muffler caught the mattress on fire and that ignited part of the ambulance.

The ambulance crew tried to put it out themselves with fire extinguishers, but ran out of juice.

Marshall Murphy was driving by and saw the mess. He radioed some of his trucking buddies for help. "So, I got on my CB in my truck, and I asked a couple of truck drivers to stop with some fire extinguishers," said Murphy. "I went up under there and put the fire out on the tire. The tire was on fire, and the mud flap."  

The fire caused one of the tires on the ambulance to explode.