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New 2007 Farm Bill will have its challenges

October 16, 2006

Albany-  Georgia's Senior U. S. Senator, who helped craft the 2002 Farm Bill, expects challenges in crafting a new bill next year. 

Agriculture is the number one industry in Georgia.  One out of six jobs depends directly on agriculture.  That's why U. S. Senator Saxby Chambliss said it was important that the 2002 Farm Bill created a safety net for farmers.

"When times are tough and prices are low our farmers get a helping hand from the government, but when prices are good and times are good in agriculture federal payments to farmers are minimal, if at all and we've seen that in this farm bill," said Chambliss. 

Chambliss hopes it's a provision that will stay in place. He said changes will need to be made to the bill after challenges from the World Trade organization arose. He expects farmers will see further changes to the cotton program in the 2007 bill.



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