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Thomasville businesswoman loses brother in Kuwait

October 16, 2006

Thomasville-  A Thomasville businesswoman has a new perspective on the war.  Her brother was recently killed in Kuwait.  Now, she's encouraging others to take a closer look at the hero's protecting and serving their country.

Pet Stop owner Cindi Beever is keeping busy. It helps her cope with the recent death of her brother, Jerry Lambert.

"As a peacemaker, gentle, he was kind, he had a great laugh, he had a laugh that made you laugh just because he was laughing, you had no idea what it was about, but you laughed because he was laughing, he was a good guy, a real good guy," said  Cindi Beever, Pet Stop Owner.

A former Green Beret, Lambert voluntarily was working for the government in a security detail in Kuwait when he was killed last week. The first Jeep in his convoy struck an IED throwing two men to the ground.

"He went out, got out of his jeep, got the one guy threw him in the cab and told him to drive as soon as he picked this other guy up that was almost 400 pounds, he put him in the flatbed of the jeep. The guy's gear was all blown off of him, my brother who was in full gear laid on top of him to protect him and when they backed up they hit another mine," said Beever.

Beever's brother was killed. The other two men are in critical condition but alive. It's made Cindi question what this war is all about.

"The war never felt real until now, and it's real. Unfortunately it took this to make it feel real, but I think we all go through life and through our days we talk about it and we hear about it and you pray for families and you pray for people over there but until it happens to you personally, it just, it's real," said Beever. 

She plans to get a flag for the flag pole outside the store to fly in her brother's honor. "I'm proud of him, he needs to be honored, a lot of them need to be honored, I know there's many, many out there," said Beever.

As she honor's her brother's memory Cindi will say a prayer for other families who have loved ones in harms way. Cindi Beever's family lives in Tampa, Florida. Her brother is expected to be buried in Florida's National Cemetery in Bushnell Friday.



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