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ASU tailgaters get early start

October 13, 2006

Albany -- Homecoming at Albany State University involves much more than a football game. Many tailgaters got a jumpstart on gameday excitement by setting up shop a day early.

Homecoming events get people around town spending money.

ASU alumni Greg Maze says it was a challenging four years to get his Bachelor's degree back in 1979.

"We kinda look like we know what we're doing," said Greg Maze.

But sometimes simpler tasks can prove tough too.

"I never did this before, I'll feel better when it gets up," said Maze.

Maze and his firefighter friends are setting up their tailgate party early for ASU's homecoming game.

And the price of a good time for these tailgaters gives a boost to Albany's economy.

"A lot of sodas, juices, chips, hamburgers, hotdogs, put it on the grill," said Mary Goines.

Mary Goines will take her children to the homecoming parade before the game, so party food is a must.

"Total bill, roughly we just spent $125," said Goines.

ASU officials say many other fans come to town and spend money too.

Take a week's worth of homecoming events, add in Saturday's big game, and up to 14,000 fans. The total spent here in Albany, about $2.3 million.

Alumni like Greg Maze says all the money spent during homecoming is a good thing if students stop to think about why they celebrate.

"I want all the kids that are attending school to remember what the total purpose is, and that's to get an education," said Maze.

Getting an education helped these alumni better themselves, and when homecoming rolls around each year it helps the city propser too.

ASU's homecoming parade starts tommorow at 9 am on Pine Avenue downtown. The Golden Rams kick off against Clark Atlanta at 2 pm.



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