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Busy Albany intersection will be widened

October 13, 2006

Albany -

More than 18 thousand cars a day travel on Nottingham Way between Stuart Avenue and the Bypass, but that number is growing quickly.

Deerfield Windsor school Headmaster W.T. Henry said "It's just a horrendous problem."

The three lane street handles more traffic than it was built to accommodate, and more traffic is coming because of the area's growth.

Albany City Director of Engineering Bob Alexander said "If we can widen that out to five lanes on that side, and interconnect signals, I think it will work for a while."

But Traffic engineers say soon Nottingham will need to be a six lane road, but that expansion could come at a high cost.  Like taking much of the parking lot for the people who live in these condominiums, and much of Deerfield Windsor school's parking lot.

Henry said "I know that's necessary, but it's going to devastate us as far as traffic flow and parking spaces, because we are already landlocked as it is."

Nottingham and North Westover Boulevard is Albany's most dangerous intersection, with the most wrecks annually. Several new businesses will begin construction soon North of the Bypass on Nottingham, meaning more traffic. Alexander says the eventual solution is another road.

Alexander said "they are building so much in this area, that we are going to have to do another study to determine if we need another flyover road over the bypass."

Plans to widen Nottingham from Whispering Pines to Ledo Road are underway, but the project keeps getting bigger because of increasing traffic.

Alexander said "We just have to work within what we've got to work with, to see what we can come up with."

The widening could begin next year, and take six years to complete all phases. The estimated cost now, about four million dollars.

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