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Students dumped off at wrong bus stop

October 12, 2006

Broxton -- Imagine hearing that your elementary aged children were told to get off the school bus in the middle of a busy highway - miles away from their bus stop?  That's what some Broxton parents say happened to their children, and they want the School Board to take more action.

When Katlyn and Caroline Rawlins left school their ride home was unlike any they'd had before.

"The bus driver got mad at us, and he started cussing at us and started hitting the bus with a stick," Katlyn Rawlins says.

Caroline cried.

"Cuz I wanted my mamaa," Caroline Rawlins says.

Her mother was outraged.

"Terrorized. Can you imagine as a mother of 4 knowing your children have been traumatized by someone that you would least expect being a bus driver," says Sheri Rawlins.

When the bus driver got even more frustrated with the kids, the situation escalated. Rawlins says the bus driver dropped her kids off in Pridgen, a few miles North of Broxton, some 7 miles away from the children's home.

Over 20 kids were there, now their parents are demanding answers. We took their questions to the School Superintendent.

REPORTER: "A parent might say how do I know if this particular driver wont be on my child's bus again?"

SUPERINTENDENT: "Well my assurance here on camera is that particular driver wont be on any school bus in terms of driving students," says Dr. Edwin Davis.

Davis says the school district reviewed video from the bus and took appropriate action - even though the driver will still work for the district.

Rawlins says that's not enough.

"I think this is grounds of termination from the Coffee County Board of Education. I expect the Coffee County Board of education to hold every employee and say I'm going to hold you accountable if you do something that puts our children in Coffee County in danger."

The Board of Education met last night and disagrees. But Davis says the incident taught them a lesson - to make sure every bus driver knows exactly where he should and shouldn't stop.

"How can a bus driver open the door and tell pre-k to 5th grade children to exit off the bus? how?" says Rawlins.

She says the driver was a substitute bus driver. Superintendent Davis says they will take a closer look it how the school system trains both regular *and* substitute bus drivers.


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