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Man wins dumb thief award, robs store full of officers

October 12, 2006

Bainbridge-  A Kennesaw man may win the award for the dumbest crook after he attempted to rob a Bainbridge convenience store with four uniformed law enforcement officers inside. 

It happened at the Inland Station on Tallahassee Highway in Bainbridge just after five Thursday morning.  Three Bainbridge Public Safety officers and a Deputy Sheriff were inside the store near the fountain drinks when one of the officers saw Kevin Close approach the store then cover his face with a shirt as he walked inside. Close pulled a gun and demanded money from the clerk. 

Close was surprised when the officers drew their guns and told Close to drop his. A manager said officers often frequent the store. 

"They all get gas here pretty regularly. The night shift usually comes in around three thirty or four o'clock I guess, and they drink some coffee and just hang out and talk stories, and so it's good for us to have them here because it helped us out a lot in this situation," said Chad Leverette, Inland Manager. 

Close attempted to flee and ran towards the Charter Inn. Officers eventually arrested him in a wooded area behind the hotel. Close is charged with armed robbery, obstructing an officer, and possession of a firearm during a felony.



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