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Class discusses North Korea with Chambliss

October 12, 2006

Bainbridge-  North Korea's new nuclear status was just one of the concerns brought before U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss as he spoke before an American Government class in Bainbridge Thursday.

It's a topic their professor and a former defense analyst for the Carter Administration says has been on student's minds after this weekends nuclear test and the President's comment Wednesday.

Students questioned, "Then they would declare War, Well we'll see. Yeah, North Korea said they would declare it as an act of war against the..."

It was a question that seemed to trouble many students, what will happen now that North Korea may have a nuclear weapon?

"They're a country of starving people led by an individual who believes on spending money on nuclear weapons versus on food to feed his people now that's the kind of individual you're dealing with," said Sen. Saxby Chambliss, a Republican member of Congress. 

Students also wondered why the President won't agree to talk with North Korea one on one. Senator Saxby Chambliss stands behind President Bush's decision.

"We've asked them for talks before but it needs to be not just with the United States, it needs to be with their neighbors.  Japan needs to be involved, China needs to be involved and other countries in the Asian region," said Chambliss. 

While Dr. John Vanzo disagrees and says, talks couldn't hurt.

"The Bush Administration is not willing to give them a peace treaty unless they disarm their nuclear weapons but neither side is willing to make that first step so we're locked in a stalemate," said Dr. John Vanzo, Bainbridge College professor and former Nuclear Civil Defense Planner.

Students questioned their professor why should North Korea be feared if they're such a small nation, with just a few nuclear weapons?

"Fear, no, but concerned yeah, North Korea because of its regime presents a danger to us that Russia never did.  Russia was a formidable enemy with 30,000 nuclear weapons, but it was a rational government," said Vanzo. 

Both Vanzo and Chambliss say it's that irrational behavior from North Korea's leader that makes the most recent developments so concerning. 

Senator Chambliss said if the proper sanctions are imposed by China who controls most of North Korea's food and oil, North Korea could be more inclined to accept six party talks.


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