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Remodeling work starts house fire

October 12, 2006

Albany -- Firefighters say remodeling workers cut a wire by mistake, causing the fire that burned the home of a well known Albany business person to the ground early Thursday morning.

This is all that is left of the Valencia Drive home owned by Mary Helen McCormack Dykes. She's one of the former owners of Bobs Candies. Dykes looked through the rubble of her home of 19 years Thursday morning escorted by fire investigators.

 Dykes had moved everything out of the home so that it could remodeled. Fire Investigators say workers cut a wire with a saw, and it shorted out overnight, sparking the blaze about three AM.

Firefighters estimate the damage at 250-thousand dollars. Dykes said "We are very lucky, because all my belongings were out. So it's just the house. No personal things were lost, no lives were lost, no pets or animals, so I consider myself very fortunate. "

Dykes said she plans to sell the property, and not rebuild.