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Safety experts: Airbags save lives

October 11, 2006

Albany-- New research shows airbags are fulfilling their purpose by saving more lives.  

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says the risk of death dropped 30 percent in side collisions involving SUV's with side airbags that protect the chest and abdomen.

In passenger cars with bags that offer head protection, the risk of death dropped 37 percent between 1999 and 2004. Safety advocates say the news is encouraging but side-impact crashes remain a big concern.

"With side angle collisions, there's just no room for error. There's much more intrusion into the vehicle and it's dangerous for the person sitting on the side of the collision," says Michele Demott of Albany Safe Communities.

The report estimates that 2,000 drivers could be saved a year if every vehicle had side air bags that offer head protection.



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