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Grace for a New Way

October 11, 2006

Albany - GraceWay Recovery has been in business in Albany for three years. And in that time, they've helped dozens of women battling addiction. Not only are they helping them step away from destructive behavior, they're teaching them new, healthy ways of living.

You're looking at what used to be one of the biggest and baddest crack houses in Albany. "Now what used to be a crack house and bad place is now a place of renewal and transformation for our residents. It's a half-way house for women who are working and making amends to family and society," says Development Director Liz Dixon.

GraceWay was able to obtain the building and transform it, from the inside out, much like the residents who now live here.  Dixon says, "It's all about a fresh start and starting over and with this surrender to our higher power and replacement with spiritual principles and the 12 step methodology, that you can begin life anew and there is always hope."

Through the 12 step program, residents learn to face their addictions. Because if they don't deal with them now, it may be too late. "People are dying right here in Dougherty, Lee County, and Southwest Georgia." Dying? Dixon says, "Dying. They are Dying."

And the only other alternatives to getting clean aren't much better.  She says, "Without help the natural progression of this disease is incarceration, or death, or insanity. There are no other outcomes, if there's not an intervention and a new way of living that's what happens with untreated alcoholism or drug addiction. Those are the outcomes."

But here, the hope is that people who choose treatment, will choose a different outcome. That they will choose to live.  Dixon says, "You're only as sick as your secrets, and once you can learn new ways of dealing with very painful issues and new behavior sets, that hope is available."

Available to get away from the abuse, and get on with your life.  Close to 120 women have gone through the program. If you need help, call GraceWay at 229-446-4550, or visit the website:  Grace Way .

It costs more than $2,000 per month for each woman. GraceWay relies solely on the donations from companies and private donors to operate and offer the recovery program to residents. If you can't give money to GraceWay, that's okay. Liz Dixon says the biggest need they have is for prayer.



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