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Governor, Superintendent honor Berrien High

October 11, 2006

Berrien County - After years of Georgia having the one of the worst national SAT rankings, Governor Sonny Perdue knew he had to take action to improve these test scores. 

So to raise competition among athletic regions for academics, he created the Governors Cup.  "We cheer hard Friday nights and we cheer hard for our athletic teams, we want to get that same kind of spirit of competition in academics and SAT improvement," the Governor says.

The challenge has paid off.   Georgia's SAT scores now ranked 46th nationally, the highest in Georgia history.

Today, Governor Perdue and Superintendent Kathy Cox presented the AA Division Governor's Cup to Berrien County High School, who's test scores have increased by 50 points over the last three years.  "If every school in the state had gone up like Berrien County High School, we'd be in the top of the SAT's ranking nationally," Perdue adds.

Now Perdue and Cox hope the other students throughout the state will be inspired by the students and teachers at Berrien and help them to keep the test scores moving in a forward motion.  "So we've still got work to do, we're not satisfied.  But we're moving in the right direction and its exciting to be here and celebrate with Berrien County,"  says Superintendent Kathy Cox.

The Governor agrees.  "We're proud of that.  We're making progress, we're off the bottom and moving forward but when we energize schools like Berrien County's been energized, we think we'll move way up in the rankings."

The School also received a two thousand dollar grant to be used towards next year's SAT preparations.  Other schools to win the cup in their division were Peachtree Ridge, Ridgeland, Druid Hills, and Social Circle High Schools.


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