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Cleaning up the town

October 11, 2006

Albany - There's been a lot of trash talking in Albany lately, but now leaders are doing something about it. Partnership in pride, a group established to clean up the way Albany and Dougherty County look, took it to the streets today. What they found wasn't pretty.

The 300 block of Highland Avenue, downtown Albany. What a view, but not a good one. "We are judged based on how we look, and from the indication right here, we don't do a good job of cleaning up our city," says Jon Howard.

Litter covers a vacant lot. Litter comprised mostly of old beer and liquor bottles. Howard says, "I'm a firm believer that there's more bottles on the ground than Miller Brewing are putting out in production today."

Russell McDonald says, "It's bad, and we're going to get it cleaned up." Even though there is a trash can on the vacant lot, there's more trash on the ground around it, than what's inside. And it didn't stop there, take a look at this junk pile right across the street. Commissioner Jon Howard says, "It's an eyesore, it's a health hazard and it breeds other individuals that just want to litter in the community." It disgusted partnership in pride leaders so much, they called public works to have it removed immediately.

Howard says, "It only breeds other activity that we're not proud of, drug activity, prostitution, crime, and certainly health issues in the community." A community that used to sparkle says Doris Fowler.  "It was just a beautiful place when I came so many years ago," she says, "and I can see where we need to keep it clean, we need to keep it beautified to make a good impression." A good impression on businesses considering making the move to Albany.

"To be quite honest," Howard says, "I'm almost ashamed to say I'm an elected official, if we continue to let this go along in the city." "A stop like this, who would want to come? I wouldn't come."

So why should you care about litter? Well, if private homeowners don't clean it up, the tax payers will have to pay to foot the bill. To get involved with partnership in pride, call Keep Albany-Dougherty Beautiful.



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