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New leads in seven year old murder case

October 10, 2006

Dougherty County -- It's been more than seven years since Grant Adams was murdered at a Dougherty County mobile home sales office.

Dougherty County Police now say they have new leads in the case, but they still want your help to find the motive and killer.

Jane Powers says it's hard to come back to the spot where her son, Grant Adams, was murdered seven years ago. She still wonders who killed her son, and why? Jane Powers said "I just keep hoping and praying that one day we will find out what happened?"

June 3, 1999 40 Year old Grant Adams was found early in the morning shot to death in his office at Morrell Mobile Homes on Sylvester Road. The father of three had been shot three times the night before. His credit cards were found next to him, but his wallet was missing.

Seven years later Dougherty County Police say they are still actively working the case, and have made some progress.  Lt. J.C. Phillips said "A lot of things we learned recently even, caused we not necessarily to re-open it, but to take another look at it."

 Investigators never thought it was a robbery. There were a lot of suspects, but Police never felt they had the final piece of the puzzle they needed to make an arrest.

Now seven years later Investigators are asking anyone with information to come forward. Lt. Phillips said "We are certain that there are some people out there that know something, and we hope they have the courage to come forward."

 Jane Powers says her son's murder has been very hard on their large family, and they pray someone will help bring his killer to justice. Powers said "If anybody out there knows anything, Please tell us, at least give our family some peace."

Powers says knowing who killed her son and why will help ease some of the pain she and her family has felt for seven years.

If you have any information on the Grant Adams murder, call CRIME STOPPERS at 436-TIPS.